Here at Jungle Parc, the safety and well-being of our visitors and staff are our top priorities. We have been building high-wire adventure courses for more than 12 years, with sites established in France, Spain, and the UK. We have an excellent reputation for safety, thanks to our stringent procedures that ensure a safe and exciting experience for all our guests.

This is how we keep our visitors safe:

Each of our courses undergoes a thorough inspection every year, courtesy of Verti Alps Control, the European specialist for safety checks on ‘self-belay’ recreational high ropes courses. All inspections are conducted in compliance with EN15567 regulations for high-wire rope courses.

Every Jungle Parc site has fully trained first aiders among its staff for your safety. They have received in-depth training in all aspects of first aid, provided by outside experts, and undergo additional training and refresher courses each year.

In addition, all our staff have been trained in-house to ensure the safety of our visitors when using our high-wire activity courses. Our instructors are trained to the highest possible standard, making them the best in the business at keeping our guests safe and sound.

All our sites are fully covered by a comprehensive Public and Employee Liability Insurance policy. We are a proud member of Activities Insurance Mutual (AIM), an expert insurance mutual that specialises in bespoke policies for high-wire courses like ours and other like-minded adventure enthusiasts.

Risk Assessment Form
Certificate of liability pdf

All our high wire equipment and ropes are supplied by two of the leading manufacturers of climbing and harness equipment: BÉAL and Petzl. With decades of experience between them, they are recognised as the gold standard within the industry.

In addition to the procedures we have set out on this page, we also have a detailed list of rules and regulations that visitors are expected to abide by. By working together in this manner, we can ensure that your day out at Jungle Parc is a fun and safe one.

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